efficient Install
of any downlight

The Problem

Throughout Australian households, lights are typically installed with electrical plugs and are not hard wired. Most homes have an average of 30 plug bases intended for lights while commercial buildings can have more than 1000.

A typical plug base is installed by utilising several tools to strip cables, twist the copper together, insert them into terminals and then fix them into position. It requires around 3 minutes to wire and 2-3 hand tools.

These plug bases are installed into the ceiling in hot, dusty, cramped environments with limited access.

The traditional method of terminating cables has been used for decades and due to the technical expertise required has high levels of risk that can result in damage to connected devices, fires, and electrocution.

The Solution

By utilising a unique dual splice mechanism, the Blind Snake requires only small amounts of thumb force to pierce a standard cable that is found in Australian ceilings.

This is completed without the need to remove any insulation on the cable. Once the cable insulation is pierced, the Blind Snake makes an internal connection allowing voltage to flow to the socket outlet attached to it.